Help installing add-ons

I need help installing add-ons because published instructions either do not apply or are obsolete.
I have a saved file of an add-on that I need, but don’t see the screens mentioned in the instructions, I can get to Tools from the menu, but after that there is no add-on or extensions screens

You should be able to go to the Add-ons Manager using the “Add-ons” menuitem.


Which on some platforms is in the Hamburger menu:

Which should take you to the add-ons manager:

Where you can click on extensions and the cog icon, where you can “Install Add-on From File”:

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That is precisely my problem, I cannot get to the add-ons

There is no such menu in my system.

  I have what you call the hamburger menu, but it does not show any

of that.

  I use Linux, the Debian distribution, Thunderbird


  Thanks for answer, but I need something more than that, I have

been trying to get to the add-ons manager for quite some time.

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Something is seriously wrong with your debian install. Perhaps even caused by an addon.

Try starting in safe mode?

I realized that they moved the add-on manager to the main menu,
so the problem is obsolete instructions. problem solved.