Help needed on the Silly story project

(Amakomitchell5) #1

Please I have typed my code but nothing seems to be happening when click on the ‘Generate random story’ button.
Below is my code

var customName = document.getElementById(‘customname’);
var randomize = document.querySelector(’.randomize’);
var story = document.querySelector(’.story’);
document.querySelector(‘html’).style.backgroundColor = ‘blue’;
function randomValueFromArray(array){
return array[Math.floor(Math.random()*array.length)];

var storyText = ‘It was 94 farenheit outside, so :insertx: went for a walk. When they got to :inserty:, they stared in horror for a few moments, then :insertz:. Bob saw the whole thing, but he was not surprised — :insertx: weighs 300 pounds, and it was a hot day.’;

var insertX = [‘Willy the Goblin’,‘Big Daddy’,‘Father Christmas’];

var insertY = [‘the soup kitchen’,‘Disneyland’,‘the White House’];

var insertZ = [‘spontaneously combusted’,‘melted into a puddle on the sidewalk’,‘turned into a slug and crawled away’];


randomize.addEventListener(‘click’, result);

function result() {

if(customName.value != ‘’) {
var name = customName.value;


if(document.getElementById(“uk”).checked) {
var weight = Math.round(300);
var temperature = Math.round(94);


var newStory;

var xItem = randomValueFromArray(insertX);
var yItem = randomValueFromArray(insertY);
var zItem = randomValueFromArray(insertZ);

var newStory=[newStory.replace(’:insertX:’,xItem).replace(’:insertY:’,yItem).replace(’:insertZ:’,zItem).replace(’:insertX’,xItem)];

var name = customName.value;
storyText = storyText.replace(‘Bob’,name);

var weight = Math.round(300*0.071429) + ‘stones’;
var tempe = Math.round((94-32)/1.8) + ‘centigrade’;

  storyText = storyText.replace('94 farenheit',temp).replace('300 pounds',weight);


story.textContent = newStory; = ‘visible’;


(Jorge) #2
  1. Please use the preformatted text tag to make your code readable.
  2. Have you tried adding logs and checking the Browser Console for errors?