Help needed to test the portal new code [before Wed May 27th]

Hello everyone,

During the past 4 weeks we have been focusing on the code security and stability of the portal, to make sure we have a strong foundation moving forward that allow us to improve and build new features.

We have been doing a very significant code refactor that is currently deployed to our staging server and we need a few minutes of your time before May 27th to make sure the site keeps working as expected.

:test_tube: What do we need to test?

  • Members, events, campaigns, activities and groups sections
  • Creation/edition of content
  • General login and browsing

:warning: We don’t want to check this time on already known issues with the production site or new features, only existing functionality, to make sure the refactor didn’t break anything.

:loudspeaker: When and where?

We would need testing to happen before Wednesday May 27th. After that date we will check how confident we feel with the code and move it to the production site.

Thanks you so much for your time and contributions, your help is fundamental to make sure the quality of the portal is high! :slight_smile:

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The major stability and security code refactor has just landed on the community portal production site. It would be great if you have 5 minutes today to check everything works as expected.