Help test bookmark management in Nightly for Android


Whilst much of the focus right now is on Nightly for Desktop, a new feature has been quietly slipped into Nightly for Android.

The ability to be able to organise bookmarks in desktop browsers has been common for many years and, as users have been making use of tablets and mobile telephones, this is functionality they expect to see on the mobile version of Firefox running on Android. In the SUMO support forum it has been a regular feature request, but one that has been complicated to implement…until now.

Further to a conversations with the product team, I am pleased to announce that this functionality is now in Nightly for Android for people to use, test and (if necessary) file bugs!

To use:

1 Long press a bookmark and select "Edit"
2 Tap on the Parent Folder option (the bottom one) to either:

  • Select the folder location where you want the bookmark to be moved to.
  • Tap the “Add new folder” icon in the top right to add a new folder to store the bookmark in.

With thanks to the Firefox for Android team for turning this on for people to test, I hope you get the chance to try this new feature in Nightly on your Android device.

Keep rocking the Nightly (and mobile) web!


You’ve added yet another great great feature @plwt. This is very helpful.

Just got it up and running and it’s working well, but I need to sync it to the desktop version to check if that’s working. :slight_smile: Looks great though.

Thanks @plwt

I have been using it since it landed :smiley: I really needed it!

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I cant take the credit for adding the feature, that was down to the team who do a great job building the software. I just hope that by more people testing it and flagging any bugs, it will make it into Release.

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This new app says it won’t work on my Samson Note II. Do I need to buy a new phone?

Feature requests ARE part of the ‘teamwork’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Which version of Android do you have on your device?

4.1.2 If I upgrade to something newer will I have battery problems?

Huge THANK YOU Android Team!!!

YES! It works! Finally. Good grief, I’ve been waiting forever it seems for this feature. I was getting ready to use a third party app, of which I have many, to organize ALL my bookmarks, across ALL apps. I mean, if those apps could add folder creations, I couldn’t understand why Firefox Android couldn’t. I’m on HTC m9, Nougat 7.0 using Nightly 57 now as a daily driver instead of 55. That’s because I finally found alt. to a couple add-ons I liked.

Now, I’m going tip off all the relevant Android News sites. Hopefully, drum up some more users.


ICYMI I got Android Police to post about this!

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No navigation by tags yet? :frowning: