Help the New Firefox!


Hello amazing Mozillians!

As you know the new Firefox is being released on November the 14th. This is a big time for Mozilla as a lot of people, including a lot of volunteers, have worked hard to deliver a new, fast and amazing Firefox.

For the big launch, we ask for your help. Join us to create excitement for the new Firefox by participating in our social media campaign (localized in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French). You can now pre-arrange your message that will go out on November the 14th or tweet manually on the day of the launch. The website will show example tweets and an option to retweet the official @Firefox announcement once the new Firefox is launched. Visit the website again on Tuesday!

Just remember, always use #newfirefox and @firefox in your tweets (or your localized hashtag). This will enable us to understand better the reach our volunteers have.


For any urgent bugs please ping me or file an issue in the repo:

Thanks to Elio for helping to recycle the Quantum Sprint Design, Konstantina for wrangling all the project management and communications and Nuke for his feedback and translations-searching efforts.

BTW, on Tuesday 14th after the launch, you will see the example tweets that can be tweeted. The tweet button only will work without tracking protection, as we directly include Twitter libraries. Keep that in mind :wink:


And thank you @mkohler for the web development efforts :smiley:


Super thank you to @mkohler :tada: :balloon:

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#newfirefox always until when?

I ask because there’s already use of #FirefoxQuantum e.g.

– and from a variety of Mozilla areas, I gained an impression that it will be preferable to refer to Firefox 57 as Firefox Quantum currently begins with an uncharitable remark from 2014, but I guess that search results will change :slight_smile:


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Hey there,
our social media team asked to use #newfirefox instead :slight_smile:

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We are just 24h away! Let’s do a final push for the campaign! :fox_face:

(please check the localized versions)

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Hurry, let’s drink the koolaid, I hear it tastes like mozilla

This is not the thread to complain about your extensions no longer working. The add-ons category is probably a better place to try and look for alternatives: