Help us find a name for our team mascot/avatar!

(Michał Dziewoński) #1

We’re down to a handful of suggestions, so please vote now and we’ll share the winning name with you next week :slight_smile:

(Rmcguigan) #2

There were a couple of suggestions I had to try to help get the conversation going and they ended up being kind of silly. Please feel free to add more to the list!

Jan Foxy
9:27 AM Calvin the Fox
9:27 AM
Calvin, might bring trouble with uh.
9:27 AM Creator of Calvin and Hobb
9:27 AM
Lowis SUMOfox
9:28 AM Mana Fox
9:28 AM
Are these your names? :stuck_out_tongue:
9:28 AM Personally I voted for Tasukete.
9:28 AM (Means help in Japanese)
9:28 AM
SUMO Michi
9:29 AM
9:29 AM @guigs
9:29 AM ?
9:29 AM
Tasukete Fennec
9:29 AM Michi Fox will be named after a famous pop star?