Help us organize the celebrations for the 10 year of the Reps Program

Hello all,

The 10 years of the Reps Program are coming and we want to celebrate!

The Reps program was founded in 2011 by Pierros Papadeas and William Quiviger, making it one of the oldest volunteer programs in Mozilla.

We think it is only right that we take the time to celebrate this date, and with it all the amazing activities that Reps past and present have carried out in all these years.

Due to the current situation, we will have to meet only on-line, but we will not let that stop us from having a proper celebration.

Our idea is to organize activities (and a party!) using Mozilla Hubs.

If you want to help, have some ideas on activities to organize, or you have “historical” pictures that need to be shared please get in touch.

Francesca and Konstantina


That’s a brilliant idea and I would love to join you all online; Also, from 21st June, our government hoping to lift all the Covid-19 restrictions; Some public meetups and pubs are already open; If the UK volunteers want, we can meet maintaining Covid-19 guidelines. I truly miss get together and face to face event :frowning:
Please keep me in the loop about the activities;

Cheers to all Reps,

I joined the Reps family in 2012 and still here…I wish to join and party…cipate! Right here I would wish that our T-shirt be renewed. I got one and still keeping it and use it rarely and it remains a souvenir…got few ideas which I am going to share with you shortly.


Hi, please join us in the Matrix room #reps10years to participate in the planning!

Given that I have been in the program from pretty much the beginning (with IIRC a pause when I was still on staff), I’ll need to take a look what I can dig up. I’m very busy work-wise recently but I hope I’ll be able to find some time somewhere to take a look. :wink:

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