Help wanted for Typesetting a community school homepage

I will very much appreciate it if someone can help me take a look at my code. I have a small problem that I couldn’t see the icons that are linked to external links on Glitch, but when I try the code on VS Code it works well. I’m not sure what leads to this, will be appreciated it if you can help me with this as well.
My work:!/global-iron-trapezoid?path=style.css%3A1%3A0

Hello @Nhi.Vu

you doing great well done you just missed a little

  1. you missed to do this step
    Give the page a site-wide font-size of 10px.
  2. you missed this point also
    Give your headings and other element types appropriate font-sizes defined using a suitable relative unit.
    it ask to use em or rem unit but you was using px
  3. the issue with the image that in your code you use url('launch.png') so the browser looks for the image in the same directory/folder that your html are but it did not find it to make it use this instead
  background: url('') no-repeat 100% 60%;

i changed it little to adjust the position of the image using 60%

by the way there assets folder you can upload your image there and then check it to get the url that glitch provide to you and use it

hope i did not miss anything else and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Your reply is so detail thank you so much ^^

you very welcome :slight_smile: