Help wanted: Replacing legacy compat tables with BCD powered tables in locales

(Florian Scholz) #1

Hi everyone,

last year our goal was to migrate compat tables from the wiki pages into our browser-compat-data repo (BCD). We’ve almost finished that and there only ~20 pages left in the en-US locale that still use the legacy wiki compat tables. This is great!

MDN localizations slowly but steadily update their pages to also use the new compat tables. However, many locale pages are still using the legacy tables and so outdated compat info is seen by non-English MDN readers. We’d like to offer up-to-date compat data to all MDN readers, including those who read localized MDN content. To that end, I’m asking for help to update pages to use the new compat tables.

Pages in need of updating per locale:
Chinese: 1628 pages
Russian: 930 pages
Japanese: 836 pages
Spanish: 780 pages
Portuguese: 742 pages
French: 661 pages
German: 402 pages
Korean: 346 pages
Chinese (zh-TW): 284 pages
Italian: 188 pages
Polish: 137 pages
Indonesian: 95 pages
Dutch: 92 pages
Ukrainian: 85 pages
Portuguese: 73 pages
Turkish: 59 pages
Romanian: 40 pages
Arabic: 34 pages
Thai: 25 pages
(and other smaller locales, which are likely being decommissioned from MDN so I’m not mentioning them)

In order to help with this effort, you can click on one the languages above and pick a page from the search results. When you edit the page, you can see that the translation still uses the wiki table, but the English page has a {{compat}} macro call that will get the compat data from BCD. It looks like this:

Now, replace the legacy table with the macro call from the English page and save the page (optionally you can also translate the hidden text into your language).

Once you’ve saved the page, the new compat table renders. See e.g.浏览器兼容性 and there is one page less that uses outdated compat info! :tada:

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in this thread or ping me directly.

I appreciate every little help with this and I want to thank everyone who spends time on this!


PS: Once there are no pages with the legacy compat table left, I plan to remove the following 12 macros from KumaScript and also delete the “htab” implementation from Kuma:

(ExE Boss) #2

Czech has 33 pages with the legacy {{CompatibilityTable}} macro, which is 8 more than Thai.

(Florian Scholz) #3

We can replace them there as well, but It was requested that Czech should be removed as well. See