Hi! Seeking stories for Mozilla's IRL Podcast

Hi everyone, my name is Solana and I work on the Mozilla Foundation’s Insights team as editor of our Internet Health Report as well as of the previous season of Mozilla’s IRL podcast.

Perhaps you’ve listened in the past? :slight_smile:

We’re working on the next season of the podcast right now, and are keen to do an episode on voice AI and languages.

That’s why I’m here to see if you have ideas and suggestions for stories. The general theme of the season is “People over Profit”.

With this in mind…

  • What is an inspiring story about a person or a community developing a voice dataset or a business or a social initiative you think we should feature? It could be your own. You can assume that Common Voice will be mentioned. Your suggestion can be about anything in the whole world.

  • What are perspectives (or perhaps even controversies) that you think it would be important to highlight when it comes to telling a story about language and voice AI. We tend to talk about who has power over AI and why it matters for communities to have access to data in different ways. What would you highlight… Bias? Competition? Accessibility?

You can share your a quick comment, links to articles, tweets, whatever you wish to contribute (preferably this week, please).

Many thanks!


PS: You can also email me on internethealth@mozillafoundation.org


Hi Everyone! I wanted to follow up with you all on where we landed with the IRL podcast episode. It just came out today.

We have a lovely interview with Kathleen Siminyu mentioning Common Voice, as well as two other people who are thinking deeply about voice, language, resistance and Big Tech.

I’d love to hear what you think if you had some reflections, disagreements, similar thoughts, etc. I hope you enjoy! https://irlpodcast.org/season7/episode4/

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