Hidden Files Flagged During Validation

I archived the files of an extension on Mac OS, and when it’s finished validation, each file in the archive has an error like:

Hidden File Flagged
__MACOSX/._background-script.js (e.g.)

I am not including any hidden files, that I know of. Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent these warnings.

These are created automatically by mac OS. If you search the internet you can find ways to avoid them. I believe web-ext also ignores them with web-ext build by default.

I tried several net searches before posting here. The words used did not turn up any helpful results. Thanks for mentioning web-ext. It’s the second time I’ve seen that today.

If I search for “remove __MACOS folder” I get https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10924236/mac-zip-compress-without-macosx-folder for example.

For more details on web-ext, check out https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/develop/getting-started-with-web-ext/