Highlight text

Is there a way to highlight text in Ver 78.5? I know I can change the color, but I want to highlight in yellow.

I don’t know of an addon that will do this, but TB can do it using the normal html compose box:

  • select the text you want to highlight
  • from the top menu: Insert, HTML
  • you should see the selected text - xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • change it to:
    <span style="background-color:yellow">xxxxxxxxxxxx</span>
  • click ‘insert’ button

Thanks that will work. I did have a addon for a previous version but now I cannot seem to find it (of course it would not work on 78.5) or the author. Maybe to convince them to update it.

Hi Bob,
I made a little Add-on for you, you can download it from:
After download rename “textmarker.zip” to “textmarker.xpi”.
Tools - Add-ons,
top right beside “Manage Your Extensions” there is a litte gearwheel - click on it and choose “Install Add-on From File …”, then choose textmarker.xpi.

During writing a new message you can highlight the selected word or a select text passage, however if the text passage contains formatting, this will be replaced by pure text.
(To keep the format would require a bit more Add-on programming work …)

Is this the funtion you was looking for?

Thank You very much. That’s just want I was looking for. It works great.


When I was testing my snippit of CSS, I was slightly surprised that the yellow background colour does not show up in Thunderbird if you view the message body as ‘Simple HTML’. I thought that simple text formatting would be visible, but clearly not. The same is true of text colour.

Something to bear in mind when using highlighting - if your recipient uses Thunderbird. (I view simple html by default.)


I always use Original HTML by default.

I am going to test sending to outlook and see what happens. I believe many of my recipients use outlook.

FYI outlook is highlighted (3 places)



Hi Bob,
I made a new version of the Add-on “Textmarker” and replaced the first one, so download address is the same:
Now you can select any text passage and turn the background colour to yellow, and all other formatting should not be changed.
Have fun!

Now also available here:

@C-E That’s nice.
BTW: When you work on the colour options, I suggest you take a look at this: https://github.com/dreadnaut/bordercolors-d/issues/12
Happy to test if you don’t have Linux.