Home screen

I would like to set up my home page in firefox. On one tab it is correct the way I want it, but it does not work that way on any of the other tabs. On the correct tab, next to the address bar on the right, there is the add on sign. Next to it, it says "Ext…b). When I click on that space, I get the following information: Site information for yahoo toolbar and new tab. This page is loaded from an extension. Permission. You have not granted this site any special permissions. This is what the page looks like: the search bar is at the top. At the bottom are circles. In each circle is a letter that indicated what site that will be accessed when I click on it. Below it and to the right, is a settings button which, when I click on it,it gives me the following options.: hide search, show trending now, edit favorites, feedback. How do I get to that screen on all of my tabs? Thank you so much

Hi Janet, I think it would be easier to follow if you share some screenshots. You can trim them down to just the relevant section, then drag and drop each image into a reply.