Honeywell WiFi Thermostats

while Alexa supports Honeywell Wifi thermostats, Mozilla IoT does not. Any chance of supporting these devices anytime soon? I Imagine is not an easy thing to do.

We tend to be limited by the number of devices we own and the size of our team, so we encourage other developers to build add-ons, if they are able. It looks like there are existing libraries to communicate with these thermostats, so building an add-on would be fairly straight-forward.

I’ve created an issue here in case you or someone else would like to try their hand at building an add-on for these thermostats.

It is interesting there are already existing libraries for these units. Apparently these WiFi units are cloud based only. I did find a python2 control script written for a different unit, but also mostly works with my model as well. It needs a few mods to be 100%.

Had I have known what I know now, I would have purchased the Zigbee version instead, but I just got this over the summer and would hate to buy another one now.

I tend to look at Home Assistant and Homebridge plug-ins, since they have a large amount of hardware support and use Python and Node, respectively. Both seem to have support for Honeywell devices, which means there are libraries we could reuse.

Being a cloud service doesn’t really matter. A lot of our existing add-ons talk to cloud services, as that may be the only option.