How can I best contribute to MDN web doc articles?

(Jenna) #1


I’m a new contributor to MDN Web Docs. I’d like to try my hand at writing an article or two. I’m just not sure where to start. I checked the outdated pages section and saw something about HTML forms and buttons. I thought that was a good place to start, but then I saw that a set of articles has already been written for forms. So I’m wondering how to tell what really needs to be done and what has already been done?


(Eric Shepherd) #2

I’m so sorry you haven’t gotten a reply sooner! It’s our goal to answer questions like this more quickly but I know I managed to miss yours somehow, and I apologize for that.

There are so many ways to get started! The best way to get a reasonably accurate picture of what needs to be done is to check out That page lists the various APIs and how much work needs to be done. Following a link into an API gets more specific, with information about what pages need exist and need to be written, where there are known problems, and so forth.

And as always, you can get information on getting started as an MDN contributor at

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