How can I disable preview when CTRL+TABbing?

In the latest version of Firefox, when I hit CTRL+TAB for switching between tabs on a Windows machine, a small preview windows is being displayed, showing thumbnails of the tabs. Only after releasing the CTRL key, Firefox finally switches to the second tab.

This is quite cumbersome for when I just want to reference some text from another tab. I have to CTRL+TAB, release the CTRL key, CTRL-TAB again and release the CTRL key again.

How can I disable this new feature and return to the ole behaviour, immediately showing the next tab when hitting CTRL+TAB?

Ctrl+Tab shows a preview when switching by “recently used” order. If you want to use forward (Ctrl+Tab) and backwards (Shift+Ctrl+Tab) order then there’s no preview. But you need to use Shift to go back.

On the Options page, General panel, under Tabs, it’s the “Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order” preference.

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Thank you very much for your very enlightening answer!