How can I help with Learning Area tutorials?


Hello. I’m really learning a lot from these guides, they are the best I’ve come across. Thanks a lot for making them.
I’d like to help, by pointing out spelling errors and other things. But I wasn’t sure if this is an appropriate place to put them.

Learning web development: Marking guides and questions
(Chris Mills) #2

Hello there!

Thanks for your kind words about our beginner’s courses. You have a couple of options for pointing out errors:

  1. You can feel free to fix typos and other simple errors yourself. All you need to do is sign up for an account on You can then use this account to log in on MDN (as we use GitHub for sign-ins). Once logged in, you can make changes to a page using the edit button.

  2. You can report errors on a new thread here, in discourse, or you can say hello on Mozilla IRC (, look for the #mdn chat room)

Feel free to reach out for more help if you need it.

All the best,



Thanks Chris. I made a new thread.