How Can I Make Add-on Available on Android


Are there extra steps needed to make an add-on available for Android users of Firefox? We just submitted version 9.6. It was immediately approved and distributed for us. We made sure to select the Android option, which was selected for us by default, but we still don’t see FoxFilter listed when searching it in the Android section of the add-ons site.

Below is a link to our add-on versions, with the 2 latest versions not showing any compatability issues flagged. Users were previously able to search for and install FoxFilter on their Android devices from Android version of the add-ons listing site, but for some reason, customers started complaining that it didn’t show up any longer. Currently, if you search for “foxfilter” there are no results shown.

Are there any extra steps needed to get FoxFilter back up for Android users?


FoxFilter Team

Yes, the latest state of add-ons available for installation on Android is reported at

Thank you for the link. Hopefully, FoxFilter will be selected soon to be available on Android. Our UI uses a responsive design (Bootstrap), so it has looked pretty good on Android devices in the past. Thanks again!