How can I make my theme applicable in android?

(Nadekon) #1

Hello. I submitted a lightweight theme and it works well on desktop Firefox.
But on mobile Firefox (android), it says ‘This add-on is not available on your platform’.
I want the theme to be applicable on both desktop and android. I also googled it but it didn’t helped. Is there any additional works to do for the android theme?
I’ll appreciate your help.

(Jorge) #2

New themes aren’t supported on Android. There will probably be support in the future, but I don’t know what the timeline for that is.

(Nadekon) #3

Hmm… Then do you have any idea how to submit a theme in the old version?
I think there should be some ways to do, as there will be no new android theme in AMO if it is not allowed.
(Unless Firefox is planning to stop supporting the theme function of Android)

(Shadowalker01) #4

The changes seemed to have messed up being able to get themes for Thunderbird as well. When having Thunderbird open, and looking for a theme, it then brings up the webpage in Firefox. Clicking on “add to Thunderbird” then installs and applies the theme in Firefox.

Upon checking themes available in Thunderbird the new one is not an option. And AMO doesn’t let us just download the xpi file to allow the “Install add-on from file” option.

Any known work around’s for the mobile and Thunderbird issues until support is added? Personas Plus doesn’t seem to work on mobile.

(Jorge) #5

For now, themes for Android won’t work. We plan to migrate all existing themes to the new format soon, so there won’t be Android themes available on the site anymore. Once Android implements support, all themes should work on it.

(Jorge) #6

There’s a separate site for Thunderbird add-ons: However, in order to install them you need to be in the Thunderbird Add-ons Manager, and it looks like there’s an issue that needs to be fixed before it works:

(Nadekon) #7

Oh, I see. Thank you for the reply!