How can I open a browser console in Firefox for Chromebook?

I found some example pages of three.js not working in Firefox on ARM based Chromebook.
The console output might be helpful to find out the cause, but I can’t open the browser console.
Unlike PC version, Ctrl-Shift-J and Ctrl-Shift-K don’t work and I can’t find the menu either in Chromebook version of Firefox.
How can I open a browser console in Chromebook version of Firefox?


Based on your description, I imagine you installed the Play store version. In that case we basically have Firefox For Mobile, which doesn’t include the DevTools Frontend. The only solution here would be to enable remote debugging, allow non local connections, and then try to remote debug this Firefox from a regular Desktop Firefox (some doc at, but doesn’t cover everything)

Maybe there’s an easier way, I have never tried debugging FF running on a Chromebook. I will ask around and file a bug to see if we can make this easier.

Can you reproduce the same issue on a regular Android device? If yes the workflow to remote debug those is easier. Enable USB/Remote debugging in Android AND in Firefox for Android, connect via USB to a regular computer where Firefox is installed and debug your device with about:debugging. This should be covered in the doc I linked above.

You can also share the pages where you see an issue here, and I can give them a try.

Hi, Julian. Thanks for reply.
Yes, I installed the FireFox from the Play store version.

I tried to reproduce the issue on other ARM based Android devices, a GalaxyS9 and a Hwawei tablet, but the pages work well on them.

The original post I had written was

The examples only fail on a Chrombook, Acer 314 (MT8183 APU).

I’ll try following the link you gave.