How Common Voice count number of speakers?

Hi, sorry, but how Common Voice count number of speakers? I think, these numbers are looked very strange:

Do it’s definitely number of speakers? Can it be number of audio clips? Just if it’s true, almost one in seven people, who know Belarusian (and the same is for Kinyarwanda) visited and used CV. Esperanto have more doubtful number. One million! It’s too much. Even if we check number of speakers in Wikipedia or Pontoon, two million is maximum! One in two recorded his voice for this site. It’s unreal! I can’t believe in that.

Or I misunderstood mean of the word “speaker”?

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It is a bug :slight_smile:

The number of hours is fixed, but not the number of speakers… Please see:

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Okay, thank you for response : )

Thanks! I was wondering the same thing for Galician, all these speakers all of a sudden…