How could you encourage someone to be a mentor?

There has been calls for more mentors and I wanted to ask what the council thinks the best way to pitch it to reps? It seems like were pitching a hard sale that will involve more of their time and less ability to take a break if their life gets busy and limited recognition for that additional work.

How can we make being a mentor a better sell?

First of all I think being a mentor is a skillset and a desire - I’m not interested in selling the idea of mentoring, because we’ll get the wrong type of mentor. I’m interested in extending the invitation to those who themselves feel motivated to help others achieve their goals, have an interest in mentoring. It is extra work, but it might also be something you choose to do instead of another option. Balance is important.

I think the challenge is to reach people ‘who like helping people’ know that mentoring to let them know mentorship is an avenue they should explore. I also want to deter the thinking that being a Rep Mentor is recognition. I mean it is - of an ability to empower people, but not as recognition of being great at contributing to the program . That’s different/


Great response. One thing I wish we could find is a way to allow mentors to take a break without giving up their role. We have this for reps but afaik we do not have a way for mentors to temporarily hand off their mentees and take a month or two off if they so wanted.

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If I could, I think I would spin your question slightly differently. I think you’re assuming that there are qualified reps out there who are afraid to step up as a mentor.

I think that is a valid question, how can we “sell” being a mentor, where our target is people qualified to be mentors, not just to anyone.

Though I think this question would be better directed mentors and reps in general, not to council. I think mentors will be able to suggest changes to make the role easier and reps can explain why they aren’t feeling ready to be a mentor. Then council could take that feedback and tweak the program.

@bkerensa we had already cases of mentors that need to take a time off, they just followed the current SOP’s notified his mentor and the Council as well, so we reassigned his mentees to another mentor, this allows a mentor to take some time off (up to 3 months) without having to drop from the mentors role.

yeah , I think this is a question for everyone - Reps included. What stops Reps from stepping up, how do we find the quiet, yet impactful people who might make a difference. I ask you all this :smiley:

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