How do i bulk export from then use e-mails in Thunderbird?

I need to use Thunderbird as an alternative to outlook since my version of Outlook will not be compatible. I cannot purchase Outlook at this time. Can anyone advise? I cannot get the information that I need from Outlook support nor Microsoft forums. Outlook says to export a PST file for use with Outlook. I want to keep some e-mails on the server, then delete them, view them when i want, but then be able to continuously use a program for checking e-mail. I want to alternate between the website and the program, but export my e-mails and have them accessible. I have exported the e-mails before from outlook, and probably Thunderbird. I was not able to open them anymore. Please advise. I do not want to download them but have them disappear.

You may want to have a look at the ImportExportTools NG extension.

Just use Tools->Add-ons and Themes->Find more add-ons to search and install it. After installing it you can use Tools->ImportExportTools NG, there will be plenty of import/export options for you.

i will. i have discovered that i have to wait 4 days to export PST files from the service that I use. can this help me to export and save the e-mails and view them in some way? i need to do this, but it seems complicated. i need to delete a lot, but save them offline to review them.

Sorry the delay, I didn’t get any email notification about your reply.

Yes, it can. You could export your messages, let’s say in Mbox format, and in Thunderbird you’d create a new folder under Local Folders using right-click on it. In this new folder you’d right-click and choose ImportExportTools NG->Import mbox file.

In this scenario you could read your imported emails and delete whatever you want. The Mbox file would still serve as a backup since whatever email you delete from the imported ones won’t affect the file.

from my understanding, i can export the PST, then import it as an Mbox format the view it. This might be helpful if Thunderbird allows me to view it, and delete it. i probably will want to find a third party program to open the PST file as well since the Mbox format is probably a copy.

Yeah, deleting emails from Thunderbird only removes emails that got
imported (i.e., what got copied from the export, be it PST or whichever
format you choose). After you have reviewed all the emails you wanted
you can delete the export if you wish. And when the need arises for a
new backup you can export from Thunderbird.