How do I manage my email addresses?

Discourse supports multiple email addresses for when you’re using Discourse via email.

You can see your current email addresses by heading to your account preferences, and scrolling down to the Email Addresses section:

Primary Email

Here you can see and update your primary email. This is the email address which you’ll receive email notifications from Discourse at, and the one you use to log in.

If you set it to the same email address as your primary login identity on, then your profiles will be linked and profile data will be synced to Discourse (including your secondary emails).

Secondary Emails

These are set automatically from the data we receive from To edit them, edit your contact identities on

If you log in with an LDAP account, any LDAP aliases you have will also be set as secondary emails.

You can use these email addresses to email Discourse, and any posts created by the email will be associated with your account.

If another user copies any of these email addresses into an email reply to a PM on Discourse, your account will be invited to the PM.

You can’t log in with your secondary email addresses for security reasons.

Duplicate Accounts

If there are other Discourse accounts set up with any of your secondary emails, then they’ll be listed in this section, along with the secondary emails those accounts have taken.

Clicking the Merge Accounts button will open a composer pre-filled with a message to the admins asking them to merge your duplicate accounts into your main account.


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