How do UI changes get decided on?

I’ve upgraded to 75 and I’ve now noticed that the location bar gets enlarged for no good reason.

Did people really not know what to use it for? Was it not obvious before?

Who decided that this was a good design decision? Why? For who?

It’s when things like this happen why I start to question what’s actually going on at Mozilla.

How do you people decide to push these UI changes?

I love the new megabar. It kind of grows on you.


You can check on #firefox-development or ask directly on the Firefox User Experience room over matrix

My only guess is that this “feature” has been developed with touch device users in mind while the rest of the user base has been completely overlooked. Please at least give the users the option to choose between the urlbar and this new abomination, on a desktop the new megabar is just lacking functionality that at least I used heavily.

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What you have spoken is true and it is the same mindset that Gnome devs have. It’s like they design it for a use case that doesn’t fit the platform. Android and iOS have their own Firefox builds. Gnome has Phosh now, thanks to Purism. Yet, these weird things keep popping up as if “touch” is the still a big thing when it never was (and for why Windows 8 failed).

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