How Does the Open Innovation Group Work on a Day to Day Basis?

Back when Participation team was participation team, working in open was done through github and other documented channels.

After it became a part of open innovation team, the old channels are no longer active. Possibly because the channels of the larger team is being used.

Could anyone give details on how open innovation group works in terms of the communication channels used.

(To be very clear, I am not asking these channels to be opened up for everyone. I am asking what these channels are.)

Hey Akshay!

So great to hear from you, and appreciate this question. I can share where I am working these days!

I try to keep my wiki up to date as well

My answer then , is ‘a lot of places’ :slight_smile: Happy to receive feedback that describes a more intuitive way to connect people with my project places.

Hey Akhsay,
that’s a good question :slight_smile: The reality is that since Open Innovation is working in different projects, there are different github repos that people are working at. As Emma did, let me share what I am working on these days:

Let me know if you have any other questions

Hi Akshay,

falling in line with Emma and Konstantina, a lot of the things happening in ParSys (Open Innovation’s product and engineering team) can be followed in our Discourse category: #participationsystems

Additionally, we are very active on the #iam Project.

Best regards,