How may I merge my Mozilla Discourse accounts?

Today I switched my Mozilla email and I can no longer access my Mozilla Discourse for u/adamhurwitz.

When signing into Mozilla Discourse the UX had me create a new user, u/ahurwitz. I would like to stay with my original u/adamhurwitz username.

Please advise on how I can merge these accounts. I still have access to any of the original emails associated to the u/adamhurwitz account if needed.

Much appreciated!


Visit the user admin page, and select “Transfer & Delete” at the bottom of the page. [image] Enter the username you want the account to be merged into, and click “Transfer & Delete @username” to start the merge process.

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The best way to sort this out is by reaching out directly to Mozilla Discourse support. They’re the folks who can help merge your new and original accounts. Shoot them a message explaining the situation—mention both usernames (u/adamhurwitz and u/ahurwitz) and highlight that you want to keep the original one.

Don’t forget to let them know you still have access to the original email tied to the u/adamhurwitz account. They might ask for a bit of verification to make sure everything’s legit.

Give them a little time to work their magic. Support teams are usually on it, but patience is key. If you don’t hear back after a while, it’s cool to drop them a friendly follow-up.

Hang in there, and I hope you get your original username back soon! :rocket:

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Thank you for the post. However, I do not see any “Transfer & Delete” option under the user settings.

User settings: “{username}/preferences/account”

Thank you for the post! How do I get in touch with Mozilla Discourse support?