How open source makes non-profit stronger

This session is facilitated by Orlando Del Aguila

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About this session

I’ll talk about our experience and outcomes. Also, discuss with attendees ways to increase the communication/collaboration between non-profits that are built on open source.

Goals of this session

Talk a bit about the work we have been doing at The Debt Collective, focusing on Open Source. How maintaining our infrastructure open source has enabled us to collaborate with people and organizations, and how this has impacted us.

After a short intro, I would like to open the space to discuss how we can improve collaboration between organizations. While we are open, is hard to discover what other non-profits are working on, and what tools can be reused. The goal is to provide ideas and things we can do to fix this.


Thank y’all for attending, I hope the talk was helpful for you in some way.

Here are the slides of the talk

Discourse is the community platform I mentioned that can be repurposed to fit specific use cases. It provides a lot of functionality out of the box (Accounts, user directory, forum, etc) and is a stable foundation to build on top . You can check the code and installation instructions here.

Feel free to reach out, you can email me at

Thanks again!