How should I study web api's on mdn?

There are many methods and properties on each api. Should I learn spesific code of an api or inspect all of the api? Second way are boring sometimes.


It seems you prefer the first method already, since you said the second method is boring.

No, I’m doing many things bored me. I don’t still decide.

Hello @yasinkarax

api of any langauge is so huge and each object / type has many method so to inspect all is so hard and no matter what you did you will forget it unless you used it a lot unless if you one of those with special memory

so the more you use different api the more you can expect how to look for another one

and also you will search for api when you try to do something for example of you have date or time object and you want to do some stuff with it like add hour or day to it then you will search on mdn

for date and it will return
where you can read method and will find how to do what you want

even if you do not that there date object you can search on the search engine and you will find many ways and even other library you can use

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: