How to add general extensions to a custom Collection in Firefox for Android Nightly?


I have been trying to follow the steps explained in Expanded extension support in Firefox for Android Nightly. I have succeeded in completing all the steps. Also, it really appears to work. After restarting Nightly, the Add-on settings no longer show all the recommended add-ons, but only the ones I have added to my Collection.

However, I cannot add any “general” add-on to my Collection. The search will still only find the recommended add-ons. Add-ons like SingleFile do not show up on the search field when I am editing my Collection. They do not show up in the search on either.

Is there some step I have missed? Or has the procedure outlined in Expanded extension support in Firefox for Android Nightly stopped working? Also, is there a way to comment on that blog post? I would have commented there, but I did not find any way to comment on the mozilla blog.


I just tried editing my collection in Android/Nightly and the search only finds recommended addons. That’s a change - and, I think, a bug.

Can you edit the collection on Desktop?

( I previously found that an addon that was only for Android could only be added on Android:

so this change would make such an addon impossible to add.)

Hi DaveRo

Thanks, I can – and afterwards, those add-ons added in Desktop can be activated in Firefox for Android Nightly.

It seems to me this might be a change in the way the search works, restricting results to what the current device allows exclusively. So the procedure outlined by caitlin would continue to work, except you could only find the add-ons the current device allows – which would mean a restriction to the recommended add-ons when using Android.

I don’t know if the search, using Fenix Nightly, is meant to work the way it does now but provided we can add any addon to our special Fenix collection using desktop I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Unless an Android device is all you have - which is unlikely.

The ‘new tabs in foreground’ addon I mentioned which used to be Android only, now isn’t - it can be installed on desktop. How did that happen? Anyway, it’s good that it did.

Hi @machsna, thanks for reaching out.

Yes, this is correct. On desktop, search goes through /firefox/ in the URL (like, and on Android, it goes through /android/ (like The search through /android/ is limited to the supported Recommended Extensions.

You might be able to manually change the URL of your search on your Android device to /android/ and see if that helps you find the extensions you are looking for and adding them to your Nightly collection.