How to add information to a Crash Report?

Hi, not sure if this is the place to ask, sorry if it isn’t.
Firefox recently crashed on Quit, and the automated system sent a Crash Report, but when I was completing the description (what was I doing when Firefox crashed) I forgot to add the terminal/console output I got after the crash (just in case it has some utility for the devs working on it).
Now I went to the Crash Report (at ) using the link in about:crashes , but can’t find a way to add the terminal output, and the info in the website says I shouldn’t create an account there if not for other tasks that are not related to my interest.
Any comment/help on this?
Thanks a lot in advance and sorry to bother.
Kind regards!

Under the tab “Bugzilla” you can use the respective links to create a new bug and then add the details to the bug report.

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