How to approve a procedure

(Tom Farrow) #1

Nobody seems to have a clear idea on how we can approve a procedure as a group. I have several procedures drawn up ready to go through some form of approval, but we don’t have a procedure to approve procedures

The answer right now is “we have to agree as a group” which is a crazy way to approve things.
Who is the group? Where do we quantitatively record decisions and draw consensus. At scale, this qualitative decision making with subjective processes is going to fail, hard.

I’d propose we do it in a similar way to reps council voting. Identify a core team for different categories of decisions and create a voting sheet on confluence, using jira issues to track proposals, then voting on the confluence sheet.

Now, the question is, how do we approve this? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael Buluma) #2

I agree with Tad on this. I’ve been following requests conversations and especially on email addresses where there’s no defined point of contact or someone to solely run these approvals.

I believe having a team dedicated to this would go a long way in solving the issues concerning approval and also setting up SOP’s for the same.

Would also work as a good accountability structure.

(Tom Farrow) #3

We have an informal procedure for emails

But there’s no fallback, and I’ve no idea how to make it formal+add fallbacks.

(Michael Buluma) #4

Do you mind sharing the informal procedure?

I believe we can build on those and the procedures you mentioned above instead of having to draft new ones.

(Tom Farrow) #5

Building on/writing procedure is the easy part
Approving them is the hard part.

I’ll drop a list of draft procedures into here later today. I want lunch

(Michael Buluma) #6

I agree with you but looking at it from a long-term perspective, it will be worth it to go through the rough patch to set up approval right now than later.

Will go through them once you can post. Nice lunch

(mrz) #7

Perhaps it’s as simple as our module owner & peer (our benevolent dictators) accepting and stamping it approved?

(Tom Farrow) #8

Agree. Now, somebody needs to approve that.

(Tom Farrow) #9

We spoke on IRC (mrz, tanner and I)

It makes sense that @mrz and @Kensie act as module owners and make decisions until we have a formal module completed. In the case of a tie (there should be very few, if any), the core team can vote and have the final decision

Does this work for everyone?


I agree except for the voting. We’re all smart people we should be able to
all get behind an idea. Voting takes away the incentive to form consensus
and solve the flaws in a proposal, or to even properly weigh the risks of
those flaws.

(Tom Farrow) #11

How do you draw consensus without knowing that everyone agrees?

You have to vote, even if it’s not written as a vote.

(Tanner Filip) #12

(Tom Farrow) #13


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(Tom Farrow) #14


Let’s move forwards.

Do we have consensus that mrz and kensie will be responsible for decision making and ask as the module owners until at least we are actually a module?

Unless somebody disagrees in the next 36 hours, I’m going to assume that to be true.