How to avoid linter warnings caused by limited Android API?

I used to have only very few warnings when releasing new version, now there is 12 warnings complaining about “permissions.request”, which I don’t use in the Android version, only desktop version.


What can we do to mitigate this?

These warnings are specific to the Android version, even though you only utilize them in the desktop version.
Double-check your code to ensure that unnecessary permission requests are not inadvertently included in the Android build, which might be triggering these warnings.
I hope it get resolved :+1:

The first thing that leaps to mind is that addons-linter probably shouldn’t be generating warnings for version ranges that you don’t support. Have you set a "strict_min_version" in your browser_specific_settings.gecko_android manifest field?

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Yes, I’m using:

    "gecko_android": {
      "strict_min_version": "115.0"

So I’ll guess I’ll report it to the linter repo with some example project :slight_smile: .

On another note, the first reply here by “zahrabatool” is a spam bot, you can find many reports here:

That page has actually API available, it may be worth to integrate it here :slight_smile:.

Actually, it’s already reported :smiley:.

Oh, how did I missed that…

Aaaaactually, the MDN says the permissions.request requires 120 version :slight_smile:
But as the issue says, even when changing strict_min_version from 115 to 121 (just in case), it won’t help.

Thanks for sharing a link to the addons-linter issue!