How to build external app lanucher

I need help :slight_smile:,

I would like to upgrade my addon with the ability to launch apps on user PC.
I imagine user would specify path to executable(s) in my addon, which would then send that path to the external app which would then execute the app from the received path.

But I’m unsure what language to use to build this.

Since installation should be as simple as possible and I would like it to auto-start on boot.
Plus I know people don’t like running some “exe” file (even if it’s gonna be open-source), especially if I need elevated permissions just to have the auto-start.

So, maybe it can be done in JavaScript / TypeScript? And let users install some NodeJS / Deno which would run it (somehow) on start in background?

If you have some experience with this or there is already such tool, please share :slight_smile:.