How to change active tab line color in a lighweight theme

(Shantanu Deshmukh) #1

I want to create a theme where many UI elements can be customized. Like accent line of active tab, color of background/active tabs etc. I tried submitting a lightweight theme. However, the only thing that can be done there is just submit a background image, select tab color and text color.

Then I came across this theme Notice the orange active tab line color. How is this done in a lightweight theme? Please help.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #2

Set the background color to the color you want the line on the active tab to be.

(Shantanu Deshmukh) #3

Hi, thanks for that. It helped.

(Pamela Rosensteel) #4

You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped.

(Shantanu Deshmukh) #5

I am submitting a dark theme where background header image is just jet black color. Yet active tab background color is coming out as grey. That is not allowing me to use some light colored fonts. I want it to look like default dark theme of FF. How to make this happen.