How to change default locale for my add-on

Hello. I changed default locale to “en” in manifest.json but I still have default locale “ru” in my account. I can’t find the property in Edit page. So how I can change default locale of my add-on? Thank you

Where are you seeing it in russian? The locale used will be the one best matching your UI locale of your browser. So if your Firefox is in russian and you include a russian translation that will be used.

Or are you talking about Because that is completely separate from what you specify within your extension.

Thank you for your answer. I have my published extension. This question about configuration of my extension in my developer panel. Before I have default locale is “ru” but now I need to change the locale to english and I don’t known how to make it.

So you want your listing on to use the english version if the user’s site language isn’t available? Or add an english translation to your listing? Or switch the site language away from russian?

When I published my extension first time in my manifest.json file was set “default_locale”: “ru” and any user with different locale get ru local by default. Now I add some locales and I want to change default locale to ‘en’ for my app. I changed manifest.json, set “default_locale”: “en”, but it still has ‘ru’ locale as default. In developer panel I see default locale = “ru”. Why? How to change it?

You can select the default locale of the listing under “Additional Details”. It does not follow the default language from the manifest, since it does not guarantee that the listing for that language would even exist.

ah, thanks a lot =) I spent 30 min for searching the feature.