How to change the zigbee channel?

Subject says it all, How do I change the zigbee channel that webthings uses? I’m using a Conbee II usb stick.

I don’t believe we currently have a way to set this for the Conbee devices. @dhylands could tell you more.

I’m not sure. I know that the channel is set when the network is setup and that you would need to setup a new network in order to change the channel. I’ve never actually done it with the ConBee (or ConBee II).

I resolved the problem by deactivating/moving my 2.4 ghz wifi channels, so that the default zigbee channel wasn’t overlapped by the remaining 2.4 ghz channels.

After thinking about this some more, I think that the best way would be to use the deConz software and reconfigure the dongle from within there. Once the dongle is reconfigured, it can then be used with the gateway and would retain the channel assignment.

Having said that, all of your devices would need to be repaired because they would be expecting to be on the old channel.

Yeah, I was also thinking of rigging up a development environment, and didn’t want the zigbee hardware for development stepping on my actual household system.