How to change to color of the back arrow?

How can I change the color of the back arrow button? It looks terrible in this theme. Thanks!

Screenshot from 2020-04-16 13-34-04

Hi @twijg! Did you use the AMO Theme Generator or Firefox Color to make your theme?

It looks like the AMO Theme Generator and Firefox don’t let you change the background color of the back arrow button. If you’re familiar with coding, you can try to add the property button_background_hover to the manifest.json and set the property to black and test it through about:debugging.

I’ll try to post a tutorial for folks who aren’t familiar with coding so you can update this manually. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, @caitmuenster, I did make it with a json-file. I already set: “button_background_hover”: “black”. So this doesn’t work for me.

(Am I correct that it is not possible to make a difference in the colour of a pressed button and the colour of the back arrow button in unpressed state?)

This theme also got rejected for being illegible, which I don’t think it is. (606 Bytes)

Thanks @Twijg! After a little bit of further digging, it doesn’t look like that button is themeable (either pressed or unpressed). It doesn’t look like that we would change that, but you’re welcome to file a bug to make that button themeable.

Could you please resubmit your theme? I’ll ask the reviewers to approve it. :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, I posted too soon! Can you try lightening the shade of red you use for the text color? One of our community members did a bit more digging into the code, and it looks like if the text is considered “dark”, the button will be lightened.

Indeed, the grey color goes away at a light red/pink, the opposite doesn’t seem to be true, in a lighter theme with a light grey toolbar, the shade remains, up to rgb(0,0,0) and rgb(255,255,255). I’ll file a bug report anyway. Thank you for your help.