How to config WoT Capability Schemas

I have a project that using webthing as a gateway
in my project, I use voltage property.
And then, the webthing displays the integer voltage (such as 229 V/ 228 V/ 230 V) but the right parameter is 228.90 V or 229.90 (from the electronic meter) so my question is how can i config the properties to display the two decimal number ?

ps. i use esp32 with webthing-library and connect to the electronic meter.

Thank you…

I’m not 100% sure about this, but from memory you can use the multipleOf keyword in the data schema of the property to set the precision.

"voltage": {
  "title": "Voltage",
  "type": number,
  "unit": "volt",
  "multipleOf": 0.01

thank you very much
i can use the multipleOf in my code and the data that display on webthing is two decimal number now…