How to contribute to l10n of Discourse?

An MDN contributor asked me how to contribute to the Portuguese localization of Discourse. He says it needs some proofreading. I would guess that a bit of it is specific to Mozilla but most of it is upstream. I’d appreciate pointers for either one.

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I translated on Transifex for Italian but is better to check the documentation of the language like for rules of localization etc…

To add some links, for upstream translation:

And where you’ll tend to find the discussions around the nuances of a particular language:

As for our own customizations, I try to use strings present in core, whenever they’re used in a similar context, so any translation present upstream is also used locally. However there are a few places where I write my own.

I’ll try to make contributing translations for those strings easier in future, but for the time being if there’s anyone super keen on translating those strings, you can find our custom plugins here:✓&q=discourse-&type=&language= and follow these instructions: