How to create a new Matrix account (ID) on when logging in with a Firefox account (SSO)?


some time ago I logged into via my Firefox account (SSO) and created a Matrix account. Due to a typo in the ID I closed that Matrix account and hoped for a second chance. However, when I try to start from the beginning I am just notified that my account has been deactivated (obviously), not how to get a new one:


How do I create a new Matrix account when logging in with a Firefox account (SSO)?

Thank you!

@mexifibigewu did you find a solution? I am having the EXACT same issue.

Hello @benjamin ,

sorry for the late answer. I haven’t found a solution. The SSO system seems to not be thoroughly developed and fixing it is beyond my control.

I keep bugging @mhoye with this problem in the Matrix room Synchronicity ( every once in a while, but until today there hasn’t been any progress.


Thanks for the answer. It looks exactly the way you are describing it and I think this is lowest priority for Mozilla in general. My “solution” was to completely delete my Firefox account (which I was planning on doing for privacy reasons anyway) and newly signing up only on Mozilla’s Matrix server without a Firefox account with a temporary e-mail alias (need to use a browser other than Firefox for it).

Super complicated, but got me what I wanted in the end. For syncing between different devices I use the Add-On xBrowserSync instead now.

So if anyone is ok with getting rid of one’s Firefox account, that’s the way to do it.


thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I agree that it seems low priority for Mozilla. People opening and closing accounts are basic use cases though and in my opinion it’s careless to release such an unfinished system to the public.

I also thought about creating a new Mozilla Matrix ID without a Firefox account and with an e-mail alias instead, but I fear making the situation worse than it already is.

For anyone still trying to find a way to sign up via SSO: Closing your Firefox account and creating a new one with the same e-mail address (which works just fine on its own) has no effect on SSO; the system will recognize your e-mail and won’t let you create a new Mozilla Matrix ID.

For any developer reading this: Please clean the SSO database, if such thing exists! You’re effectively collecting e-mail addresses of deleted Matrix IDs, which is not okay (there is a right to be forgotten). Please remove those e-mail addresses so signing up with different IDs becomes possible!