How to create an installable theme file?


Hi everyone,
I created a firefox theme to use for myself. It works when I use it temporary on site “about.debugging”.
However, I could not manage to create an installable file to use it permanently. I zipped the manifest.json file as described here
I also tried what is described here for “sideloading”. The attempt to sign the “addon” resulted in following error:

Sorry, we couldn’t load your WebExtension.

Fehler: Validation was unable to complete successfully due to an unexpected error.

Has anybody an idea?

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hey @aFirefoxUser, could you file an issue here? It will help if you can include your theme’s name or slug, the approximate time you tried to upload it, and whether or not this is a persistent issue.

If you could also a copy of the zip/xpi file, that would be great.



Hello @caitmuenster,
I tried again today with some minor changes, and this time it worked. Basically I changed some values (which could not have been a problem) and added some blank lines to the manifest.json file.
I’m surprised that this helped, but so what, now I have my first own theme!

Thank you anyway.