How to disable update notifications?

sorry if this is the wrong place for this, first time poster here.
anyone know if/how I can turn off the update notification? it’s legitimately my only complaint about firefox, I’m really not big on updates as 90% of the time I install them they move the only features I use (not just here but xbox, android, windows, I genuinely hate updates that change layouts.) really just don’t like the stupid little pop up that I have to close more than a dozen times a day and would be quite happy without it

Hey @Rob1394, Common Voice Project is a project from Mozilla, where we build open-source datasets for Voice-AI. So it is the wrong place.

Maybe check here for a more appropriate forum?

BTW, updates can be disabled in settings. Here is what I have on Windows, I marked the check-boxed to turn off:

It is not recommended, because you will NOT get any security updates, which can make your system vulnerable.