How to do the equivalent of sessions.setWindowValue() for Chrome?

I’ve never developed extensions for Chrome but I’m really curious, how does one save data associated with a specific window (or tab) that would persist across sessions? My googlefu fails me and I feel like I’m missing something.

Only Firefox supports those functions. How do you do things like that in Chrome?

Never mind, I misread your question.

Googling “chrome tab id persistent” (without quotes) found:

It’s 8 years old but seems to answer the question.
(use the persistent ID in conjunction with extension storage)
What have you found?

Wow the “solution” is far more complicated that I thought it could be. I almost can’t believe this is what people have to resort to.

Nothing. I’ve been searching for “window” instead of “tab”.

Thank you for your findings :smile: Always helpful to learn new patterns.