How to download artifact convert graphdef memmapped format!


I am new to DeepSpeech and Ubuntu. I am using DeepSpeech version 0.7.4 and was able to fine tune the model with my own data but got stuck while converting generated graph file to memory mapped format. I look at few bugs already created in this regard but couldn’t understand a lot because of maybe my experience with ubuntu. I am working on google colab and I ran following command(as mentioned in here) and I get following error.
Please help me out here.

Thanks a lot in advance.

which error? you don’t give any.

which command? you don’t give any.

All you have to do is get into the DeepSpeech directory (assuming you cloned it from github) and do the following:

cd DeepSpeech # get into the directory you cloned
python3 util/ --source tensorflow --artifact convert_graphdef_memmapped_format --branch r1.15 --target .
chmod +x convert_graphdef_memmapped_format # make it executable
./convert_graphdef_memmapped_format --in_graph=path/to/pb/model/you/created.pb --out_graph=/destination/directory/output_graph.pbmm

Your --in_graph is the file that was generated after you finished training a model (as you said you did via fine-tuning)

You can name the --out_graph file whatever you want as long as you specify it with a .pbmm file extension.

Hope this helps.