How to enable CardDAV in beta 81?

Saw that new feature in the release note, but cannot figure out how to make it work. Is there any piece of documentation?


All I saw was this Thunderbird Planning post.

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see 81 beta release notes:
" changed: Address book: Synchronization of CardDAV address books now supported"

But I dont see how this can be enabled.

The section about Beta 81 in the planning post wasn’t useful?

Try reading the whole thread.

Never used CardDAV myself.

Set mail.addr_book.carddav.enabled:true and you can add a CardDAV addressbrook.

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ups, my fault, stopped reading when I saw Thunderbird.78

Setting mail.addr_book.carddav.enabled:true and creating a new CardDAV adress book worked flawless.

@WaltS48a, @bjo: many thanks for your help