How to find a good learning path?

Hi @chrisdavidmills, hope you’re doing well!
Can you please help me out. I started learning JavaScript with MDN, I’ve studied until Inheritance in JavaScript so far and done all the skill-tests and everything else that was asked, now I’m stressed and feel like l need to do more practices or project instead of learning new subjects but on the other hand, I’d like to keep learning more and expand my knowledge, and I need to know a lot more before taking bigger steps.
So my question is that should I still keep going on the learning path provided here at MDN or should I start looking for projects/exercises after each chapter to solidify the knowledge? If your suggestion is to look for practices after each chapter, is there a resource you would recommend?

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Happy Holidays

hey @Ghazaleh_Heravi , I am in a similar situation where I want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. I know you were asking @chrisdavidmills for guidance but in my experience I’ve found that taking it slow and steady is helping me reach small milestones. Each day I try to code for anywhere from 1-3 hours each night, and during the day I have been listening to javascript podcasts:
JS Jabber
just to name a few, and I’ve found that just by listening to experienced developers talk about things they have done in the past or their suggestions for new coders helps give me ideas for different small projects. I find myself thinking how I would go about creating these different projects. If I could use the current skillset I have to accomplish these things, and that has really helped solidify my understanding of the concepts I have learned up until this point. The most recent thing I did was a simple to-do list:
To-Do-List on CodePen
I would suggest to just try different small things, a calendar, a to do list, a mock up forum web-page, a simple web page and host it on github pages. I would also suggest learning how to use git/github, I created my own repository and have been uploading alot of the things I work on from MDN onto there almost like an online diary of my progress.
I guess my point is don’t rely solely on the MDN web docs (as amazing as this resource is!), but branch out and try to accomplish some other smaller things on your own.