How to genrate .pb model from saved checkpoint

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this community,
I trained Deepspeech model on Tamil Dataset from common voice.
Want to know that how to genrate an infrence ready model from latest checkpoint saved.
This is the command i use for training

./ --train_files ./data/ta/clips/train.csv --dev_files ./data/ta/clips/dev.csv --test_files ./data/ta/clips/test.csv --checkpoint_dir ./data/checkpoint --export_dir ./data/export_model --n_hidden 2048 --learning_rate 0.001 --automatic_mixed_precision=True --epochs 9

And these are the saved checkpoints dir.

Please Help!

What’s in the export_dir?

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Thanks for the rply @baconator
export_dir is empty. I deleted model earlier. After that it is empty.
Question: If i run training command and give epoch=1 then it could genrate the model in export_dir?

Check the forum, but I remember that you can simply run a test with a checkpoint and it will generate a model in the export dir. No need to train.

So you simply leave out the train and dev flags

I run the test from checkpoints and it create the model in export dir, but the seems to failed as res string is empty. But when i train, loss is like max to 2 or 3 , What would be the reason for this empty string.


Please help!

Could it be that you didn’t build a Tamil language model and scorer? Search the forum, I remember Tamil questions some time ago.

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I trained this model on the common voice tamil dataset as listed


Those instructions are focused on the importer side of things, and they’re written for English. For training on non-English data you need to create your own external scorer or you need to disable it entirely (pass an empty scorer path: --scorer_path '').


Thanks @reuben For reply.
It solve the problem, and results are looking fine.

I just add --scorer_path to a empty string.


There is one more query,
Do i have to train another model for other language or I can use this model to use both the language?

And I am quite at the beginning, So any one can suggest a book so i can clear my concepts.