How to get permanent login here?

Currently signed in with a temporary email link which expires in 5 min. Need a permanent password/login (old one no longer works) + instructions on how and where to login now using current user name “foldhere”.

New login procedure is completely mystifying, at least to me.

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Same here… How do I convert my temporary account to a permanent one?

Yeah, can’t find any documentation whatsoever about how to get a permanent login. Just faced with the defaults of LDAP login (from doing a bit of research, that seems to be reserved for staff only—my previous login doesn’t work there) and eMail login. Can’t imagine having to receive an email every time I need to login. That gets old fast. Would be nice if someone from Mozilla would reply with directions, or point us to somewhere that explains how to do this. Shouldn’t have to be hunting around for this information—why isn’t it readily available???

This is becoming more than RIDICULOUS: Not signed in, I get a popup to sign up for an account.

OK, great, I think now I’m getting somewhere. I hit the Sign Up button, which brings me right back to the page with the useless EMAIL/LDAP buttons.

I’m seeing that this topic has been moved from addons to the Help section, assuming the mod who did that knows the answer to this mystery, can that mod or someone from staff offer a real solution. It’s crazy that there is no obvious procedure for getting an account (in my case, since I used to have an account, a new account.) Is it the intention here to keep this a secret?


This is exactly how it works.

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Hi @foldhere and @mario771, there’s no need to worry, you both have permanent accounts.

To log in again, simply click the log in button, then hit “log in with email”, enter the email address you provided originally, then click on the link in the email you’re sent.

We don’t store passwords for security reasons, the only way to log in if you’re not a Mozilla employee is by clicking the link you’re sent via email.

Thanks for the reply. However, it would be nice if there were some documentation, somewhere, about how this new (to me) login behaves and what to expect. Now I know, but I couldn’t find anything, even with an extensive search. And maybe you can explain why password security has become such an issue here that permanent passwords have been discontinued, except for staff. That seems pretty extreme. Seems like this arrangement might turn off developers, current and potential, as well as users like myself.