How to list legacy add-ons

(David Hedlund) #1

I’m the add-on maintainer for GNU IceCat.

Legacy extensions are no longer supported by Firefox and thus also no longer available on AMO as describe at

However, I really need to see the titles of the legacy add-ons at – it’s blank, but says:


80 add-ons"

I could not even see the legacy add-ons when clicked on the Edit this collection link.

Not only that, I had added references in the comment field for a lot of add-ons in my Legacy collection that described if the developer planned to merge the legacy to a WebExtension or not. I cannot access this any more.

I need to see their title so I can merge WebExtensions from it to my other collections.

(Graham Perrin) #2

I sought en-US/ and en-GB/ versions of your collection in the Wayback Machine. Not found.

You might find it impossible to get an AMO listing.

Cannot list/edit my add-ons · Issue #7477 · mozilla/addons-frontend concluded with reference to the Classic Add-ons Archive, which I use with Waterfox, for example:

– but you’ll probably find that collections are out of scope.

(David Hedlund) #3

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for checking out the WBM for me.

(Andrew Williamson) #4

here you go:

(we dropped the username for the user-id in the meantime)

(David Hedlund) #5

Thank you. But is more updated, but the problem is that I didn’t add comments about the WebExtension plans in it like I did for